Mr. O Offering for Children 2022

Jesse Overholtzer was the founder of Child Evangelism Fellowship. Mr. O had a tremendous burden to reach children with the Good News of Jesus. He held to a firm belief that young children have the capability of understanding the Gospel and making a decision to trust in Jesus as their Savior. With the foundation that Mr. O laid, Child Evangelism Fellowship has grown to a world-wide ministry reaching children in nearly every country of the world. CEF is organized through local chapters that partner with local churches to carry out the work of evangelizing and discipling children. The Tennessee Valley Chapter of CEF was established in 2017 and has seen God work in amazing ways to reach children for Jesus. Now with 13 Good News Clubs in public schools, Camp Good News, 5-Day Clubs, and ministry training; the ministry of the Tennessee Valley Chapter continues to grow and expand. As the scope of the ministry continues to grow, the funds needed to carry out the work of the ministry continues to increase. Will you help us meet our goal of $30,000 by the end of the summer? Will you invest in the lives of children in the Tennessee Valley?


We are praying that the Lord will provide at least $30,000 through our first annual Mr. O Offering for Children. Just like any request for giving, it is good to know what your giving will go for. Here are just a few things we hope to be able to do:

– Yearly Good News Club start-up resources for all volunteers (t-shirts, banners, more curriculum resources, etc.)
– Purchase of CEF’s Children’s Resource Bibles for all Good News Club coordinators and children’s ministry workers in local churches.
– Bibles for every child that enrolls in Good News Clubs or 5-Day Clubs.
– More CYIA and Camp Good News Scholarship funds.
– Devotional books for every child that enrolls in Good News Clubs or 5-Day Clubs.
– Free one-day sports clinics for children held at local churches.
– Outreach event packages that local churches can utilize to reach children.  
– Teaching Children Effectively (TCE-1 & 2) scholarships for local church children’s workers, Good News Club volunteers, and 5-Day club volunteers.
– Scholarships for CYIA students, ministry volunteers, children’s pastors, and directors to enroll in the Children’s Ministry Institute.
– Potential hire of a part-time Regional Good News Club Coordinator.
– Potential hire of a part-time CYIA/Summer Ministries Director.                                              

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